Blood Red VinesThere are multiple characters in Blood Red Vines: Jeffrey Thomas, M.D. is the protagonist. Jeff grew up on a vineyard, becomes a doctor and serves in Afghanistan. Caroline Smith is a drug agent who joins Jeff in Afghanistan, where amidst great danger they re-kindle an old love. Pierre Vaillard is a wise old Frenchman and his vineyard in Carmel Valley where a broken Jeff comes to heal his body and mind working in the vines. Here Jeff meets Pierre’s beautiful daughter Samantha, who finds herself falling love with this troubled young doctor. Important also are José and Maria Sanchez, part of Pierre’s “family” on the ranch. Bruno, Pierre’s large, occasionally white, dog moves in with Jeff. Opposing these “good guys” is George Segovia, Sam’s former husband: handsome, smart, dangerous, and deadly. George is the villain in our story but finds redemption in the end.

Excerpts from Blood Red Vines

Jeff Thomas, M.D. — For Jeff, it was a time of re-awakening. Stripped to the waist laboring in the sun, his skin turned from a gray pallor to a healthy brown; his muscles strengthened as he worked among the vines and the calluses on his hands became thick and tough. The greatest change was in his mind. For the first time in many months he found himself enjoying each day and looking forward to the next. He felt alive again. Page 178

IMG_2239Caroline Smith — … Even in her Marine utilities she was beautiful. Watching the men turn to admire this new arrival didn’t do much to allay his concerns. It was bad enough having a female along, but this woman, in this ultra-conservative Muslim country? Page 22

Pierre Vaillard “Jeff, you have no idea how I love this land.” He (Pierre) sighed then looking across at Jeff, his voice grew serious. “You have been on the ranch now for almost four months. I’ve watched you sweat in the vineyard, seen your excitement when you are working with the wine. I sense the same longing of mine growing in you…. You are like the son I never had.” He paused for a moment searching for words. “Jeff, you belong on the ranch.” Page 223

100_0221Samantha Vaillard — (known to all as Sam)—Approaching quietly and standing in the shelter of the great rock, she watched Jeff throw a large stick into the pool as Bruno jumped and dove for his trophy. Sweat stained cloths were thrown carelessly on he grass. The muscles of his strong, wet body glistened in the late afternoon light. “Oh God, it’s been so long ….” She whispered. Page 209

José and Maria Sanchez José reminded Jeff of the ranch foremen he remembered from his father’s vineyard. Strong, proud, hardworking men with little formal education but with a vast store of knowledge learned not from books but from the grapes and the land. Maria’s sunny smile and gentle kiss greeted Jeff each morning. Much to everyone’s amusement, she fussed and worried about him morning, noon and night. Page 178

shutterstock_137144372Bruno — Jeff was halfway to the steps when a remarkable projectile of hair, muscle and bone came flying around the corner and nearly knocked him off his feet. About the size of a full-grown grizzly, the mud splotched, once white dog had a tail like a furry baseball bat, alternately whacking the gate and Jeff’s right leg …. ”  — Page 133

George Segovia As Jeff stood he quickly assessed the man standing before him. About his own height and weight, he seemed of similar age. There was a hint of bronze in his handsome face, perhaps from his Spanish-American heritage. His jet-black hair had been style by a professional; his attire was straight from Brooks Brothers. On his face was a slight smile but the eyes were glacial cold. An aura of suppressed anger seemed to follow him into the room. — Page 204

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