shutterstock_153179675Romance is all about love, need, renewal, perhaps even redemption—and that is the story Blood Red Vines hopes to tell. Throw in a war, lots of wine—and don’t forget good food—what more could you want? No Fifty Shades of anything here, just the normal, human needs of one man and two women brought together at different times and different places in this lonely world. Sex? Let your imagination run wild.

“… Jeff showered then sat outside (his trailer) letting the warm air and faint breeze evaporate the moisture on his wet body. Bruno sat at his feet.

Later, while lying half asleep sprawled out on top of the bed, he and Bruno were suddenly startled when the screen door opened and Sam stepped noiselessly into the trailer. ‘Bruno,’ she whispered, ‘Out!’ Then turning to an astonished Jeff, she put her fingers to her lips and began rapidly stripping off her clothes. Jeff was instantly aroused at the sight of this beautiful woman standing before him. Hesitating for a moment in the dim light, she looked Jeff in the eyes as though daring him to speak, then without a word climbed into his arms …” Page 244

Adventure, mystery, extraterrestrial thrills—that’s exciting and fun, but it’s love and romance that that makes the world go ‘round. Love stories help us remember our past and dream of the future.

Red vines-72dpi

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