The Healing Power of Love

Love is a tricky thing. It can sneak up and catch you without warning. And like a great bottle of Chateau d’Yquem, love can last forever. You don’t mess around with love, it can turn sour like “corked” wine if not carefully tended. Love is life’s blessing. Love binds us together. Love can heal a broken heart.

We doctors are trained as healers—occasionally we’re successful. More often than not, the body heals itself. But never forget, the healing of mind and spirit comes not from medicine—it comes from love. Reaching out to others, being trusting and patient, accepting another’s faults, forgiving others as well as ourselves … that is the healing power of love. Love is the essence of life.

shutterstock_165772220“Jeff, I’ve been waiting for this moment for months. I’ve loved you ever since those first few weeks, you must have known. Now we’re both free, we both love each other … Oh, Jeff, we both need each other.” Page 302

Blood Red Vines

Enjoy a good book together …

Red vines-72dpi

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