Why does this book spend so much time in Carmel Valley? Well, for one, I live there. Who doesn’t love Carmel Valley?

100_1869_1Spring and California poppies in our Valley

Why a vineyard? Because I enjoy fine wine and I like good food. When exposed to either or both, I tend to drool.

Wheat is aways ready to eat.Sufficient wine – but where’s the food?

Why a love story – why not a detective yarn or historical fiction? It’s because your author is a hopeless romantic … I like love stories. (I use up a lot of tissues at sad movies.)

Why two leading ladies? Now there’s a silly question! Don’t you think two women are better than one? Now I ask you, who doesn’t like women?

Author as a young man about townThe author as a young man driving two beauties to dinner

Why a doctor as the protagonist? Silly question #2. It would never do to have a lawyer, dentist, accountant or even a stockbroker play the lead. You know very well we doctors are so resourceful, so brave, so kind, such all-around good fellows … and we’re so remarkably humble! No contest, it had to be a doctor.


Housecalls in the Himalayas

Why not?

Red vines-72dpi

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