shutterstock_94748437“Wine to me is passion. It’s family and friends. It’s warmth of heart and generosity of spirit. Wine is art. It’s culture. It’s the essence of civilization and the art of living.”

Robert Mondavi — Autobiography, Harvests of Joy

In Blood Red Vines, Pierre Vaillard, a savvy young Frenchman, finds the perfect Terroir, plants his grapes, and blends a superb Bordeaux-style wine in Carmel Valley. Here at his hidden vineyard, Pierre fulfills his life dream as we join him, his family and friends in the adventure that forever changes their lives.

The Author enjoys a good glass of wine“Wine is bottled poetry” Robert Louis Stevenson

“Gently swirling the wine, then nose deep over the rime, Jeff inhaled deeply. ‘Mmmmm, what a wonderful bouquet,’ he murmured. Then taking a sip, he rolled the wine around his mouth and over his tongue before slowly swallowing. Fresh and fruity but still quite dry, the wine had just the right acidity and a lingering finish as it slid softly down his throat. Putting down the glass, Jeff slowly smiled as he looked up at Pierre. ‘This must be what summer tastes like in Provence – it’s delicious!’ … ” Page 122

“Wine is life.” Petronius, Roman writer

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