Blood Red Vines, friends, is one heck of a book! … Phil Bowhay, Monterey County Herald

Blood Red Vines is a love story. It is a novel beginning in Afghanistan and concluding at a hidden vineyard in Northern California. It is the saga of the love of one man for two women, of a wise old Frenchman, his grapes and the making of a world-class wine. It is an affirmation of the power and blessings of love.

Thrown together with his partner Caroline, Dr. Jeffrey Thomas, United States Navy, discovers the excitement of a distant world and the strength to overcome the most dangerous of obstacles. Scarred by his service in Afghanistan, the physician returns home where he seeks to escape the trauma and tragedy of his past—eventually finding a new life on a vineyard in Carmel Valley, California.

Toiling in the vines, Jeff discovers the wisdom of an old Frenchman, the healing magic of working the soil, and the powerful alchemy of crafting a world-class wine. With the Frenchman’s daughter, Samantha, he hopes to find a new life.

Praise for Blood Red Vines

“I loved this novel. It’s part thriller, part love story, part psychological roller coaster, with a story that moves swiftly from war-battered Afghanistan to a placid valley in California’s verdant wine country. The protagonist—like other characters in the book—is finely drawn and believable, as is the story itself …” —Robert Lindsey, the Edgar winning author of “The Falcon and the Snowman.”

“A terrific read! Strong characters in an original story. Hard to put down. Every reader will treasure it.” —Martin Rosen, Conservationist and co-founder, The Trust for Public Land.

Blood Red Vines, friends, is one hell of a book …” —Phil Bowhay, Monterey County Herald, October 26, 2015

Red vines-72dpi

5 thoughts on “Blood Red Vines, friends, is one heck of a book! … Phil Bowhay, Monterey County Herald”

  1. Good morning, Dick,
    Your blog is so colorful! And I know there are more stories and photos to post. Congratulations on your novel – the reviews coming in are well said and I wish you a good run with this one. Looking forward to the sequel!


  2. Adrienne Harber said:

    Loved the book, Dick, the way you described the characters and how the storyline was all intertwined (like grapevines?). I can’t wait for the sequel! Two of my sisters will find copies of your book under the Christmas tree.
    Also love your photo gallery!


  3. E. Lizardo said:

    Enjoyed the book a lot! Several of my FaceBook friends got it for their families for Christmas!


  4. Anna Beck said:

    Finally read this book – and what a good read it was! A real page turner set in California surroundings familiar to me and many others, I’m sure. I hope there’ll be a sequel – I want to know how all those interesting affairs turned out!


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